Rodney Lindsay, MD

Dr. Rodney Lindsay, MD has been medical director for Derma Spa Laser Clinic from its conception. He has had in depth training in Laser science and technology. Doctor Lindsay oversees and advises protocol for all of Derma Spa Laser Clinic's services.

Porter Yates

Porter Yates is founder and owner of Derma Spa Laser Clinic. In addition to BA and MA degrees he has trained under the most experienced doctors providing training in laser science and technology in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. He is a certified laser technician and actively involved in all aspects of the clinic.

Victoria Finley

Victoria Finley is lead laser technician for Derma Spa Laser Clinic. Victoria has extensive practice and training with laser treatments and in addition to laser technology training, she is a certified esthetician. You will find your care is her greatest concern.

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