Derma Spa has been a life changing experience for me! Victoria goes above and beyond to satisfy and meet her clients needs. She is very knowledgeable about the procedures they have to offer, along with the products they sell. I have been to a previous med spa for a photo facial and microdermabrasion and I felt like all they wanted to do is take my money and tell me I need other procedures as well. I did some more searching and came across Derma Spa and made an appointment for a consultation. Let me say that after my appointment with Victoria, I walked out of there with tears of joy excited to start a procedure that is designed PERSONALLY FOR ME! Victoria suggested photo facials and microdermabrasions that fit my budget! I have been going to her since March and I am so very pleased with my results! I can honestly say that I don't think there is any other medical spa out there where you will find the satisfaction for your needs as well as your budget and that has someone who truly cares about making you feel better about yourself! Victoria is way more than an aestetician...she is there with you all the way through your journey of making your dreams come true! I recommend all my friends to Derma Spa! Thank you Derma Spa and Victoria!

~ Dawn

Love Derma Spa Laser Clinic!! Affordable, clean, professional, quick, easy to get an appointment and THE BEST PART....Victoria!!! Love that woman!!! You won't be disappointed!! I am having laser hair removal, which still isn't comfortable but much better than waxing and Victoria makes the whole thing bearable. Go check it out!!

~ Michele

I started coming to Derma Spa over a year ago though a Groupon, I give Derma Spa a 10. I have tried other spa's, taken advantage of other Groupons but none compare in comparison. I can't say enough about Victoria! She is great and the main reason I'm still a customer here. Victoria is so upbeat and friendly but professional and caring in her approach which is very important to me. I started with laser hair removal on my bikini area and was a little nervous initially because I had read about how painful it was. She took the time to explain the procedure at length and she also took the time to make sure I was not experiencing to much discomfort. I was pleasantly surprised! Sure it wasn't pain free but no where near as bad as some of the posts I had read and the results are fantastic. Waxing is far worse!!!! I have now decided on some further hair removal and IPL treatments which are not only affordable but possible here. I highly recommend Derma Spa to all my friends and family and will be a client for a long time to come.

~ CC

I had laser hair removal for my underarms years ago and never went back after the second treatment because the pain was just too intense. Desperate to get this done again I decided to try out another place. I found Derma Spa through Groupon and it seemed like a great deal! My first session with Victoria was very informative! I felt very little pain and was able to complete all 6 sessions with fabulous results. I have a baby so my schedule is unpredictable and Victoria was very flexible working me in! She truly cares about her clients! I highly recommend Derma Spa!

~ Shannon

Victoria has a great personality and is always very helpful.

~ Sara

I've been going to Derma Spa for my facials, microdermabrasians, chemical peels, photo facial and laser hair removal for over two years. Victoria is so knowledgeable in her field that I have had only positive results from each treatment. She is up front with me on what she feels is the best facial and laser hair regime. I highly recommend Victoria, she will always greet you with a smile and make you feel like a dear friend. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I've been asked "what kind of skincare regime do you use?"Smiling, I respond with "Victoria."

~ Kat

My kids bought me a Groupon for 3 Photo facials for Mother's Day. Victoria is awesome! She greeted me when I arrived for my appointment and we talked about the Photo facials and the microdermabrasians. She was very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease on my choice. My results have been great! I would definitely recommend her. Victoria has a wonderful welcoming personality. She was very professional.

~ Janie

I have had nothing but a WONDERFUL experience here! The technician is very attentive, knowledgeable, and will go out of her way to schedule an appointment time for you. I have seen her interact with other customers and she is equally as attentive, professional and friendly. I have only done the lasering--both my legs and arms--so I cant speak for the other treatments, but I have never had any issues, any significant pain, or reactions afterwards. I received a groupon initially for arm hair removal, but had such a good experience, decided to continue to do hair removal for my legs. I highly recommend this laser clinic...I have had a great experience!

~ Jennifer

I was a bit skeptical about laser hair removal, but I've NEVER been happier with my results! Not only are the results amazing, but the staff is top-notch as well. Victoria handles all of my sessions - and not only is she ALWAYS upbeat and personable, but on my first visit, she took so much time going over everything: what to expect during and after, post-treatment, etc... She's amazing at what she does, and I'll happily keep going back :)


Derma Spa Laser Clinic can definitely stand out as a role model among medical spa business. The atmosphere in the clinic is outstanding. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and personable and offers undivided attention to the customers. They took time to understand, diagnose, and provide meaningful recommendation to my concern. They gave an honest opinion what needs/not recommended to be done. The result is I am more than happy with my treatment. Most importantly, the spa has high ethical standards. They are honest with a customer regarding what needs to be done. I highly recommend this medical spa, and I will definitely return to Derma Spa Laser Clinic as after years of search I finally found a medical spa that truly meets its clients' individual needs.


Very different than other laser clinic/medical spas! From laser hair removal to zoom teeth whitening Derma Spa has the best price with the most personal service around. If you call and compare or even visit other places you'll know. Derma Spa gives straight forward and free consultations so you know exactly what to expect. Definitely a refreshing experience compared to similar places that aren't very personal and just seem to be focused on what's in your pockets!

~ Fran

I just had my first laser treatment. Victoria was absolutely amazing. She was very professional and did her best to make me feel at ease. She told me what to expect. She knows how to deliver top notch customer service. The atmosphere is serene and very private. I am so pleased to have found this clinic. Don't hesitate to visit this clinic for your beauty treatments!

~ Ashley

I was very impressed with both of my visits to Derma Spa Laser Clinic. Their staff was very professional and took plenty of time with me explaining the variety of services and helping me select the best one for me. The services I selected were explained in detail and I felt very confident in their knowledge and recommendations. I am extremely pleased with my results, and will definitely recommend them to my friends!

~ Julie

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